is a catalogue of gestures in PNG to make people reflect on and perceive the city and the social spaces from a new point of view.

Starting from the resources familiar to them, Lashup decided to contribute creatively by documenting the experiences of people living the social spaces at the time of a global health emergency.





The method involves the 2D cut-out of people, a visual tool typical of the architectural representation useful to emphasize and create proportion in architectural renderings and visualizations. The aim is to generate and archive a reflection on the community and consider new social practices to remodel public spaces.

In its iconographic simplicity, the images of "outlined" people best convey the situation we are experiencing: each figure is removed from its context through the cropping, resulting in a detachment from a situation, a time, an emotion; the two-dimensional visualization is the one that perceptively explains the flattening of the image generated by digital communication systems such as smartphones, TV or PC.

The idea is to have people participate in the first person to the project by taking a full- length self-portrait while they perform a daily action in the open air, in a public space, with the appropriate safety devices (mask and gloves, etc.) maintaining the recent social distances.

After having been "cut and contoured" each person will be included in a global database that will collect the situations, gestures, frames that characterize the new ways of using the social space.

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